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Explore Callforia Services

Specialty Answering Service offers comprehensive inbound services that can help maximize customer satisfaction, increase profits, and help free up your time to focus more on your business’s core competencies.

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Explore Callforia Services

Business Call Screening Services

Don’t let unnecessary phone calls tie up your day and prevent you from getting work done. Our business call screening services can filter through calls via customized scripting to ensure that only the calls you want are being transferred, while others are being screened to see if a message is needed. Say goodbye to telemarketers and say hello to more productivity.

24/7 Customer Service Inbound/Outbound

Providing top-notch customer service is key in maintaining a strong business, which is why Callforia works diligently to make sure we are always delivering excellence in customer service. Our customer service outsourcing programs will always give your callers a warm, friendly voice to talk to no matter when they call. Keeping your customers happy is our top priority.

Call Screen

Back Office Admin Staffing/Call Center Services

A shared agent pool is the perfect customer care solution for your small to mid-sized business. In a shared model, call center agents have the same skillset and receive the same training. The difference is, they’re answering for other companies besides yours. Combining phone, email, and live chat, you’ll have a team of professionals assisting you with overflow,  seasonal support, after-hours support services, holiday coverage, high volume media campaigns, and more. Top-quality service at a price you can afford. It’s a no-brainer.

Back Office

Live Chat Outsourcing

While some customers will call, more are turning to live chat to engage with a customer support representative. Live chat is great for the customers who want a quick answer, but do not wish to speak to someone over the phone. Callforia’s live chat outsourcing service can assist your callers via live chat by answering questions, creating support tickets, scheduling appointments, and more! And, if they want to speak to you, we can answer your phone too.

Live Chat

Email Response Services

How many times have you sorted through your emails, just to refresh your page to a whole new batch to go through? Reading, queuing, and responding to emails is incredibly time consuming. Our email response services can help by acting on specific types of emails you receive according to whatever escalation procedures you need us to follow. We’ve got your back.


Help Desk Call Center Services

If customers aren’t calling because they’re ready to buy, they’re calling because they need help. Let Callforia be your Tier 1 help desk call center service provider  by navigating your FAQs, troubleshooting problems, and submitting support tickets through to whatever platform you’re already utilizing. If customer problems get too hairy for our inbound agents, we can transfer calls right to your in-house Tier 2 team.

Help Desk

Emergency Call Center

As medical professionals, HVAC technicians, and property managers can attest to, there’s never a convenient time for an emergency to happen. That’s why outsourcing calls to our emergency call center is so important. We can help field calls to see what constitutes an emergency, what doesn’t, and follow your on-call protocol to make sure real emergencies are being handled quickly and efficiently.



Specialty offers several types of automated call center solutions including IVR, voicemail, and customized greeting options. Our IVR options allow callers to select certain numbers to e routed to a specific department, person, or secondary recording. Our voicemail options allow callers to leave a voice message, which is then emailed to the recipient(s), and our customized greeting options allows businesses to create custom greetings that play prior to our agents getting on the phone.


 Registration & Appointment Services

Our agents will work with you to create a customized script, designed to reflect the specifics of your event. Consistent info makes things easy for attendees, and last-minute script changes can be made on the fly. Anything you do in your own office, we can do here. For example, if you use the registration process as a sales opportunity, we can script it so our agents are up-selling event sponsorship or exhibit booth opportunities while they’re engaging with a caller. Manage your appointment calendar and you'll never have to worry about cancelations and no-shows. 


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